Support Pricing

We try to be flexible to accommodate your requirements, and that includes our support options.


Our services are charged for on a time basis at our standard hourly rate, rounded to the nearest quarter hour - we don't just round up to the next quarter hour or charge for "part quarter-hours!"

  • Our standard hourly rate is currently £66 + VAT.
  • All off-site labour charges are subject to a minimum charge, currently £50 + VAT.

Pre-paid support

Simply purchase a block of time in advance, at our standard hourly rate.

When you call us for phone or remote support, we will deduct the time spent from your pre-paid balance, rounded up to the next whole minute. There is no minimum charge, you just pay for what you use!

Pre-paid time does not need to be used within a certain time limit, so buy as much as you like!

Monthly support contract

Our standard monthly support contract offers unlimited phone and remote support for £30 + VAT per user per month, with lower prices for higher numbers of users, subject to a minimum term of 12 months.

We can also negotiate contracts tailored to your requirements and/or budget, which can include limited or unlimited amounts of phone and remote support, regular scheduled maintenance visits and even limited or unlimited emergency call-out cover.

All monthly support contract customers benefit from a reduced hourly labour rate, currently £55 + VAT, for any chargeable work not covered by the contract, such as on-site visits.

On-site visits

On-site visits are charged at our standard hourly rate, and in addition are subject to a fixed call-out charge of £45 + VAT for London and most surrounding postcodes.

For visits further afield or overseas, rates are negotiable - please contact us to discuss.

Our standard minimum charge will apply to all on-site visits.

COVID-19 on-site visit protocols

We will:

  • Wear a face covering at all times whilst at your premises
  • Sanitise our hands on arrival
  • Wear disposable gloves throughout the visit
  • Sanitise our hands on departure

We ask that you do the following:

  • Vacate the room in which we are working
  • If you cannot vacate the room, provide a separate room where we can work
  • If you cannot do either of the above, please wear a face covering and maintain a 2 metre social distance throughout our visit
  • Please ensure that any vulnerable people (e.g. elderly or with underlying health conditions) are not present during our visit

We will not be able to carry out an on-site visit if:

  • Anyone in your workplace or household has symptoms or has come into contact with anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • Anyone in your workplace or household is currently self-isolating
  • Anyone in your workplace or household is shielding
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