Data Recovery for your business

If the worst should happen, all may not be lost..

In an ideal world, all your data will be backed up [link to the backup page] and you'll never experience a data loss.

However, if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a data loss, follow these simple steps:

  1. Don't panic!
  2. STOP using the drive you've lost data from... the more you use it, the less chance there is of successfully recovering your data.
  3. DON'T try and recover the data yourself. Data recovery is a specialist area, and it's all too easy to make the problem worse.
  4. Contact us

How can we help

For simpler data recovery jobs, including where there is no physical damage or hardware failure to the drive, we have specialist tools in-house to try and recover your data.

For the more complex jobs, we are partnered with the world leaders in data recovery, Kroll Ontrack, and we can use their expertise to try to get your data back in even the most extreme situations.

Options and prices vary according to the type of drive and nature of the issue, so get in touch to discuss your options.

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