Online Data Backup for your business

50% of SMEs that experience a major data loss will go under. (Gartner Group, 2005).

  • Is all your critical business data backed up regularly?
  • Are your backups stored in a secure off-site location?
  • Does your backup run automatically with no user interaction?
  • Are you able to retrieve backed up files from anywhere in the world?
  • Does your backup solution have unlimited capacity?

If you answered NO to any of those questions, then our Online Backup service could be the answer.

Your data will be automatically encrypted and backed up over the internet to a secure datacentre, which is then backed up a second time to a separate secure datacentre, to ensure ultimate resilience.

All of our online backup customers benefit from our FREE monitoring service.

We regularly check your backup reports, and alert you of any problems, or if your usage unexpectedly increases, to protect you from unexpected cost increases.

We will always ensure that you are on the pricing band which is most cost-effective for the amount of storage space you are using.

We can also provide other backup solutions, so please call 020 8453 0700 to discuss your requirements.


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