Client Testimonials

Having struggled for years with computers, through a friend I have found EQ Systems. The company has utterly changed my life. I am now hassle-free with computers.

One telephone call to their friendly, extremely competent service and my life has taken on a new dimension. I highly recommend them.

Maggie Babington,
I would just like to pass on my thanks and gratitude for the fantastic service we always receive from EQ. It is a pleasure working with you all!

Best wishes

Carla MacPherson, John MacPherson Hair
I am writing this testimonial to thank you and your team for the new computer that you supplied to me. I asked you to quote me for a new desktop computer as my old one was getting very slow and temperamental, this you did quickly specifying a new computer that would meet my need at a good price.

I gave you the go ahead and the computer was bought and then the data was transferred from my old computer to the new one, I even gave you the task of transferring the data from my mother's old steam driven computer onto my old computer so that she could have a computer that she didn't have to stoke in the morning to get it to run. Your team carried out the tasks quickly and efficiently keeping me up to date of the progress.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone that needed IT services.

Once again a big thankyou to you and your team.


Grant Sydney, Director, Sterling Heating & Plumbing
As a web based company it is essential that our IT systems are always running smoothly at all times especially given the deadlines one faces in today's world. We have been using EQ Systems as our IT Department for more than three years and they have solved many problems for us quickly and efficiently in that time.

They are always very responsive and readily available and it's a relief to know that they are available to support us. I look forward to that relationship continuing for many more years.

We have peace of mind knowing that there is a strong team of experts always at the other end of the telephone line and can be onsite within hours when we need them. We are now using all EQ System's services: Maintenance, Backup, Remote Access to our PCs and very soon we will be upgrading our email systems with EQ.

We are extremely happy to stay with Phil Stanton and EQ and would recommend their services to anyone who needs to outsource their IT department without too much of a monthly investment.

Yours faithfully

Jeremy Freeman, Director, Bamps Ltd
I came to you a little while ago asking for advice about purchasing a new printer.

Within a few hours you sent me an email giving me advice on pricing and efficiency as asked for.

You came up with just the right type of machine I was looking for so it was good enough for business but also family use.

The one you recommended came with an extended warranty and a £40 cashback.

It was just what I wanted.

As usual your advice and knowledge is first class.

To recommend you to anyone needing anything to do with I.T. or its products is not a hard task for me.

Go see Phil Stanton he'll look after you.

Thanks for all your help.

Keith Laws, K. Laws Property Maintenance
When I started my business 5 years ago I bought a domain name and then proceeded to build my business around this.

In my naivety I asked a local guy who printed my first lot of leaflets and cards to host the website for me and purchase this domain name.

Unknown to me he hosted a whole group of peoples websites and paid some kind of group rate, he didn't give me any kind of log in details or anything so effectively I didn't own it.

About 8 months in to business I suddenly found my website suspended and after painful hours of investigating found he hadn't paid his bill for his group hosting and disappeared.

It did my business a lot of damage in the early days and cost me a lot of money to get a new domain name and new stationery etc.

Now 4 years on Phil from EQ Systems has tracked him down and got my original domain back and merged it with my new website ... And now I do own it.

Thanks Phil ... It means a lot to me.

Caron Bryan, Director, 1 Stop Letting Solutions
I recently used your company twice.

On the first occasion, my PC was slowing up more and more each day - until one day it simply would not boot up at all. I dreaded the thought of having to buy a new PC - and worse of losing data that I had not recently backed up.

I took the PC to your premises - and two days later was presented with a machine that worked and no data was lost. I signed up to your on line back up service so that I have peace of mind that every day, my data is backed up and stored off site.

When I put the computer tower back in my office - I did not push it back far enough under my desk, so that when the DVD tray was open I accidentally walked into it and wrecked the drive. I returned to your office somewhat crestfallen - but sure enough - you replaced the drive and I collected my PC less than 24 hours later.

Now that's what I call Excellent service.

I have no hesitation in recommending your company to everyone who has a PC. In these days when many companies are simply box shifters - it is a delight to deal with a knowledgeable company with staff who are highly competent, courteous and efficient.

Warmest regards,

Mike Moradian, Print Express London
On behalf of ND Consulting, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job Adam did doing a clean up on my laptop.

This was the first time I had used your company and you were honest and open from the start, explaining clearly that I would only be charged for "hands on" time. Adam was knowledgeable, polite and helpful, keeping me updated throughout the process. My laptop is noticeably faster and Adam also advised there was no need for me to purchase a new laptop which was my initial plan.

Thanks again and I will have no hesitation recommending EQ Systems to my friends and family.

Kind Regards,

Noshir Desai, Founder, ND Consulting
I would like to thank you for the efficient and punctual service you gave in providing a refurbishment of my laptop.

You told me the cost of the fan replacement before carrying out the work which included parts a labour which was very reasonable.

The lab top was collected and returned by yourself and operates like a brand new computer.

I have spoken highly of you to several of my friends, letting them know of the excellent service you have provided.

Yours sincerely,

Pansie Butler
I write to thank you for the excellent service offered.

I asked you to recommend me a laptop. You asked the right questions to ensure the correct specification is being offered and then provided me with a range of options.

Eventually we agreed on one model which you provided me at a competitive price.

You kept me fully informed about the delivery and I received the machine promptly.

I would have no hesitation to highly recommend you and in fact I have already done so. I thank you for the service and support.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

Raanan Berlad, Partner, Berlad Graham LLP
I would like to thank Phil and EQ systems for helping me retrieve valuable lost data from my portable hard drive, which contained 7 years worth of family pictures including those of my son growing up.

As you can imagine, I was horrified when I initially plugged in the hard drive to my laptop to discover that its driver could not be detected. As someone, who is generally quite competent with technology, I took it upon myself to waste a couple of hours of my time to try and figure out how to fix it, but it was folly and at this point I was really starting to worry.

I then realised I had to call the experts in, and gave Phil from EQ systems a call as he had mentioned during one of his 60 seconds that he had helped someone else save lost data from their hard drive. After speaking to Phil, he clearly explained to me what was required to save the data, and what the best and worst case scenario would be.

After entrusting Phil with the task of saving our family memories, I was not left disappointed. In fact, I was over the moon when I received an email from Phil telling me that he was able to save all the lost data and am eternally grateful to him for achieving this.

After carrying out such a great job, I will have no hesitation in recommending Phil and EQ systems to any friends, family or businesses I know, requiring any level of IT support.

Once again, thanks to Phil and EQ Systems for all your help!


Rikin Shah, Financial Adviser, Pocock Rutherford & Co
Since I started my own business & joined BNI over 12 years ago, I have dealt with you for all my I.T. & computer needs, for which I wanted to confirm in writing how pleased I am to receive such excellent service from you.

In particular the additional cost of using your 'Virtual Back-up' for scheduled on-line back-ups has proved price-less to my business. This was evident when I used the services of another company to create a database for the purpose of mail-shots to all my clients. When this other company accidently lost all my client data, I phoned you in a panic and EO Systems were able to retrieve all my client details & re-store back to me within 15 minutes. You even gave me the choice of selecting which date I wanted my back-up information from. All this was from a panic phone-call without the need to see you in person or cause any damage to my business.

For this I am truly grateful.

You have always been totally knowledgeable, professional & helpful & I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my clients, family or friends and have already done so.

Many thanks again,

Robert Loomes, Safeclean Harrow
I would like to thank you and your team at EQ Systems for the professional support and efficient service provided to my company over the past two months.

As a hands on designer I work closely with my team in the studio and so it is critical that my business has reliable computer equipment and fast accessible back up facilities to enable us to support our clients demands. Our studio is full of Apple Macs, PC's, Mobile Devices as well as other gadgets and gizmos but as we all know technology quickly becomes old, tired and slow.

It's reassuring to know that EQ Systems always have my full current system spec to hand and can provide us with the necessary new equipment, software and online set-up whenever we need to upgrade. They have also helped us connect with the right leasing companies and ensured the whole process was completely seamless and with very little disruption to our working schedules.

Now thats what you call 'working in partnership'.

Our new bespoke back-up solution ideal for our business module, and the new computer equipment with pre-installed software was just perfect to enable us to just 'plug and play'.

We still have more upgrading to carry out so I look forward to being in contact soon.

Many thanks again Phil and I have absolutely no hesitation in referring EQ Systems to all my clients and suppliers.

Best wishes.

Alex Nicolaou, Design Director, Origin 1
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